How To Make Money With Free App-Download Toloka Apk

how to make money with free apps


If you guys use the mobile phone like the daily team for four hours, every person uses it but are not earning from it, then you guys are doing wrong to yourself, in this video I am going to explain to you. How can you earn what you have from this mobile by using an application and you will get cash from it and remember that because of which you will get a job.In this article we tell you how to make money with free app so download toloka app.

How To Download This App?

Step -1

Let’s talk about where to download this application and how to work on it, how to create an account, below you will find a link in the description box. Or I will take you to the mobile phone and tell you where from the Play Store you have to download it. You can open it. It is available on both the App Store and Play. Now what will happen in the store? First of all,

we have to search what is there. Its name is Tolu card. It is ok. If you search for Tolu, then what is in front of you will open the application. If you can’t find it, there is a link in the description, you can open it from there. Then you will download it, that is, you will not go to the wrong application, you will find this application, when you open it, something like this interface will appear in front of you.

How To Use This App


You will find the application, when you open it, something like this interface will appear in front of you. Okay, now from here, because I have created an account before, but for you, I will create an account again. Let me teach you how to create an account, you have to click on add account, ok, so here it will tell you that you can create it with mail, create an account with a phone number.

Towards the next part, here these people are saying that you should add the first name and last time. He already had an account in it.So I already had an account in it, I also created a new one, so you guys have to create this account like this. Ok, when you create an account, what is the first thing you have to do? I’m on my account here go to settings and after that adult content option will be on you have to turn it off from here I’ve turned it off it’s already fine.

Now in this I have messages, then there is profile, then what is my task and what is after that is task. Okay, now here you will see that you will get tasks as many as you have. Tasks will be given to you according to the number of tasks completed.In this sense, you will be given a task in this sense. It has also happened and they have told the dollar from now it is also on the third second.

Complete Task & Earn Money With Toloka App

toloka app earn money


There are and depending on the location, they don’t give you what you have. Now here I have three, they are still there, they increase as you complete the task. Get more Pedas ok now if you give this test for English then you will get more tasks so what to do to give the test you have to click on exam take the test earning application so here you Whatever it is, it will have to be done as I told you, it is best for students,

so it will be very easy for them, so like this year, the problem is ok, after that they have given some exercises, you have to submit. Time has also been given, so you have to do exactly what you have, right now, since I am explaining to you, I just exit what is here, now see here that they have We are given three tasks out of which open any one of them and if I open this task then I will get proper guidance on how to do this task.

I click and what’s next is see what these people tell us how we have to do this task ok now look here it says take three selfies and different camera distance phone your phone back camera In high resolution is fine and after that they have told that you have to take three pictures and what is not taken in to toss will be rejected if it is indoor then they will object outdoor like this you have to take three pictures. And if you have sent all the three,

it is fine here, like the third image, you can click here and take a picture like I take it from here, now if I have taken this picture and I use it in this I do and the rest is your gender and all these things you have to fill and submit them then you will get the payment.

How To Withdraw Money With Toloka App


Now that’s what it is, when the earnings start happening, then number two is how do you get your withdrawal because that’s what we have, how to get withdrawals and first of all. This is what people are looking for, then you will enter the profile. After entering the profile, there are two options. Well, one is Pepra. I don’t know what it is now, but the second option is for Pakistanis. Like I clicked on the link.

Pioneer account is an account in which you can invest legitimate cash and from there you will earn, that means you will get Vadra. Let me show you how to get it. Now the question is what to do if you don’t have a Pioneer account. When you have created an account of Pure Air, it also has an application. I will show you first. Inside, I already have some earnings in it, which will be shown to you, and here, I think, about 50 dollars are lying in it. Now this is the account of Peony.

Yes, whatever the earning is, like 50 dollars, that’s fine, I will withdraw it. Now in Jeez Cash, there is an option of Pure within Jeez Cash, like when I open Jeez Cash, so here I have the option of Jeez Cash. The account has been opened, ok, now you can see the payment in it, it is 51, what I will do now is that I will go down from here and go to it and go to Pioneer and I have the account of Pioneer, it is here with it. What’s Linked When you create a PayOneer account, they can link you here.



In this article, you can download free online earning app in Toloka name and earn online in it, you have to complete tasks and after completing these tasks You are Earned This article tells you how to download and how to work on it.

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