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Secret Online Earning App in Pakistan

I will guide you about a real earning app on which you can earn up to 10 20 30 40 50 thousand rupees per month by sitting at home without investment, ordering things from you, delivering them yourself and keeping your own profit. Yes, if you will work on this app with some hard work, then you will definitely be able to earn so much rupees per month. If I say that this app is our Pakistani Amazon then it will not be wrong to say that it is the best solution to the increasing unemployment in Pakistan but I will not tell you that you will become rich overnight with this app.Learn, understand and know which app it is, how to work on it, how to take orders and how to make yourself a brand and do business in Pakistan.

Make Money Online At Home

How to download Online Earning App

Well, many people already know about this app, the name of this app is the center, you have to go to the Google Play Store and install this app, and more than five lakh people from Pakistan, mostly women, use this app at home. If you are earning halal, then you have to install and open this app, you can find everything in this center app at wholesale rate and almost every human need can be found in this app like Here is Women’s Clothing, followed by Batting, Men’s Clothing, Daily Use Items, Electronics, Men’s Under-Governments, and Home Decoration Items, Women’s Shoes, Women’s Handbags, etc., Jewelry. There are cosmetics, all kinds of Islamic things are available, women’s under government is available, you get everything to sell further, so now how do you work in it, how to make these things, order them and sell them. You have to keep your own margin and earn sustenance sitting at home.

How to use this App

After installing the center app first you have to create an ID here and login with your phone number and after that you have your Jeez Cash account or the bank where you can withdraw your center app earnings. If you want to add them, you have to create a favorite list of those things here, which you have to open and favorite them, then when you have a favorite list of yours. Among the things that you are going to upsell, you have to open the product which you are going to sell first, as soon as we have hair dryer, its wholesale price is 16 and 8 rupees and here You are looking at this role of delivery center app is very great, you can sell a small atom or sell a big atom. If you have to pay for the delivery, here below you have copied the details of this product, all your details have been copied to your clipboard and here you have saved all its images in your gallery.

Product selling Method

Now you know where you will sell it and take orders from, so you have to go to Google Chrome and here you have to type online shopping WhatsApp groups Pakistan, numerous links will appear in front of you. There will be groups in which people are selling things, making purchases, taking orders and doing it sitting at home. of images to its delivery charges and the wholesale rate you have, for example Rs 1700 you add your margin to it Rs 300 then you will send it to the customer.

Withdraw Method

You have taken from them while placing the order and that’s it’s work is only that much, after that the center app will deliver your parcel, collect the cash from them and when the order is delivered, your Margin will be shown here which you can order through Jay’s Cash or in your bank as you like and make any kind of draw in it and when your order is placed, here you can Complete information about the order is available, its progress, whether it has been delivered or not, and God willing, if it gets returned, there is no need to worry. No deductions are made from the account and this is one of the best things for the resellers of Markaz. You can give your business details here inside the center app without going by name.

More About this App

You can get more orders by sharing your products more and more within WhatsApp groups. See, if you sit on your hands, you will not be able to earn. You will have to work a little harder. Believe me, if you do this work for one and a half, two or three months, women of special houses, then they will sit at home and respectfully stay in the veil, order things from you, make deliveries, make stocks, make investments, and earn halal sustenance by sitting at home. And the most important thing is that if, God willing, your customer receives something wrong from the center, it is broken, then the center has a seven-day return policy. If the customer given to the center is satisfied in every way, then understand that the center app is an Amazon for Pakistanis, on which you do not have to make any investment, do not do any physical labor, just sit at home and do a little hard work in a proper way. Will work with consistency.



This post will give you complete information that how you can earn online earnings by downloading an application and working on it for three to four hours and all the information related to this has been given to you in this post.

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