10 Useful Whatsapp Hidden Setting and Features 2024

whatsapp hidden setting
whatsapp hidden features 2024


About Whatsapp Features and Setting

Almost everyone is a WhatsApp user and many of you are eagerly waiting for new updates and features of WhatsApp, so in this video you will see some advanced latest updates and features of WhatsApp. I will tell you about what you will see in WhatsApp very soon. Some of these features are those that WhatsApp has developed and you will see them soon, and there are some features that WhatsApp is continuing to work on. And you will also find them in the next updates. I will not waste your time by telling you the small updates, but I will tell you about the major updates and major features, so let us know that in the coming days. What new features will I see within Whatsapp.

1- Whatsapp Feature , Third party chats

Within WhatsApp you will soon get to see a new amazing feature called third party chat within WhatsApp and people who are not using WhatsApp will also be able to contact you with this feature. Facebook Messenger Instagram Telegram Signal App etc. Those people will be able to message you directly on WhatsApp while in X and you can message them directly on your WhatsApp and those people like the features of the app they like in their environment. I will chat up people will chat in their environment and whatsapp third party chat this feature will be available in Whatsapp in any update that will bring up this feature.

2- WABetainfo

WhatsApp is going to bring a new and amazing feature very soon, which many of you have been eagerly waiting for. You have been given the option of multi account on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, this option is not available on WhatsApp. But very soon you will be given the option of multiple accounts within WhatsApp. You will not need five app clones of WhatsApp or other phones within your same WhatsApp app. You will not need five apps within your same WhatsApp app. Or you will be able to easily add six numbers and handle them, so keep your WhatsApp updated, this feature will be available very soon.

3- Create AI Stickers

AI is being talked about everywhere nowadays, many people are making a lot of things with AI, so why is WhatsApp lagging behind? While in your WhatsApp, you can write anything, type anything, whatever you want to create, whatever you want to create a sticker, that sticker will be created by AI, because whatever you think, whatever you think, whatever you think. You have to type there and there will be three or four options in front of you. Whatever you want, sticker, image, animation, you will find it inside WhatsApp. The future is no longer AI is here and this feature will be seen in WhatsApp very soon.

4- whatsapp Channel

You see people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram that people have created their own page profiles, while there was no such feature in WhatsApp, so WhatsApp is going to launch a new feature just like them, WhatsApp channels in which you You will not have your number, you will not have sugar, just like them, your page will be created, your channel will be created, on which you will have thousands of followers, not millions, there will be no issue and no one will have yours. The number will not go to a specific URL like other social media apps and this new feature in WhatsApp will replace WhatsApp channels completely and will give you a lot of privacy on WhatsApp. You will find customers, your sales will increase, your experience will change completely, if you want to find the person you want to follow globally or from any country, then you will also get this option there. According to me this will be the most amazing feature of WhatsApp till now and this feature will be seen inside WhatsApp very soon.

5- WBI View Once

Some time ago WhatsApp people launched a feature Disappearing Message Up, when you send a message to someone, you set a time on it, then that message would be automatically deleted after that time and it would disappear. Similarly, a new feature is being added inside your life chat, whenever you click on the send button, you will be able to see this message only once, after that the message will be deleted like this. This feature was there before, but you had to go to the settings and complete the settings, but now it is not the case. You will have to click on the viewers and send them, they will be deleted automatically, so keep your WhatsApp always with you. This feature will be visible in any update.

6- Restore Or Transfer chats

Whenever you get a new phone, you install WhatsApp in it, then you have a problem. There used to be a backup from Google Drive, but now whenever you install a new WhatsApp on your new phone, you will add your number, then you will see two options here. From the old phone, for which you will not need to make a backup on Google Trip because there is a lot of time wasted, so by using the up second option, you can immediately upload the entire WhatsApp from your old phone. will start shifting to the new phone. You should only have Wi-Fi, which will not lose any of your data. You will not have to spend time on Google Backup. Your backup will be immediately shifted from one phone to another. And this feature will be seen in WhatsApp very soon.

7- Share large files up to 2 GB in size.

Earlier, WhatsApp had launched a feature called Send Photos and Videos in HD quality, but even within this feature, your photos and videos were being slightly compressed, but now WhatsApp is going to launch its upgraded feature. Send photos and videos in original quality Note: HD quality means the quality of the video or picture you have. When you start sending a picture or video to someone, some options will appear in front of you as to what quality you have sent. Send a picture or video and you will be able to send up to 2 GB of your pictures and videos in their original state. This feature will appear very soon in any upcoming update of WhatsApp.

8- Screen lock on WhatsappWeb

Those of you who are using WhatsApp on your laptop PC web whatsapp used to face a big problem that they couldn’t lock their WhatsApp when any viewer wants to access their WhatsApp. WhatsApp is going to solve the problem of people who use web whatsapp on laptop PC very soon they will get to see a new feature screen lock in.

9- Text formating Tools

Earlier, you could make the text bold and italic within WhatsApp, now you are going to get more advanced new text formatting tools within WhatsApp, which will allow you to create lists within your message. Bullets will be able to format the course and there will be many other similar formatting tools that you will benefit from.The advantage you will have is that you will be able to explain to the next person in great detail in your message. Bold the text. Make a list. Will be able to and this feature will be seen within WhatsApp very soon.

10- Send for admin review

Those of you who have joined WhatsApp groups, in these groups some person sends some inappropriate messages, some videos or pictures, and the admin is sleeping, those stupid messages are visible to everyone. WhatsApp is also going to arrange this thing is launching a new feature send for admin review group go to settings and disable this option then any member of the group within that group If someone sends an Eragra message, any other person in the group will be able to send the message to the admin for review, saying, “Admin, wake up, look at what this person has sent, and from there, the admin is also given the authority to view this message.” will be able to delete and this feature will be seen within WhatsApp very soon.



In this article, you are given information about 10 best secret settings of WhatsApp, how you can use these settings in WhatsApp to impress your friends and use it in your daily life.

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