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Earn Money By Watching Video

Our new generation is looking for the easiest way how to earn money online and from the past few month I have been getting this comment repeatedly that sir we have given too many videos. which only tells you to watch videos and earn money and each channel is cleaning that this website is authentic and this website is said to be a website from which we can easily watch videos and earn money.

Earn friends by watching videos so friends up people order is in the top of the charts for a whole month. I’m here it’s called Win Tub hand this top website i found it says earn money by watching new videos online or friend simple sa up click on get started What is to be done, your work will start. in this article we tell you how to earn money by watching video.

How Earn Money By Watching Video?

earn money by watching video


I found this top website which says earn money by watching new videos online or friend simple you have to click on get started your work will start sir steps going to tell you one by one Let’s see how it works here. How it works. The first method is that you have to watch the video and earn. The second method will give you one dollar and your friend will get five.

Dollars will be received and after that the third step here is from Get Pioneer to Western Union, whatever your payment method is valid in your country, you can withdraw it from here. He has also mentioned his partner, first of all, our task is to click on GetStart, the next window will open in front of us, where he has simply said that write your first name, write your last name, write your data birth here.

How To Sign In Website


You will see here is the first task. Watch here. One to four five daily. You will get five videos. Now you will watch five videos. Your money will be collected here. Watch this here. The first video is in front of us. Watch it here they said watch a video you will get point cents means you will get half dollar approx how to do it clicked on the simple up button as i clicked on it it redirected me Given an ad you have to note this step it will note ok again we go back to this page again

I click on it like I clicked again it directs me again to another There are two ads above the add now see again I click on it here again I click on the play button see this here I mute it see below the timing will start below Second start is and I blur this video to avoid copyright issue watch it here 34 second up watch this video watch video and earn money online simple work watch video and earn money watch here

It’s 17 seconds we have to complete for 34 seconds then we will get point seven dollars in our account because they say just watch video and earn money online is a simple task see here how 34 seconds are completed here We will see what we have to do next.

I clicked on the third video, I want you to tell me the whole process, I will tell you all my findings, see here. 5.9 dollars have been made by you. Now I will show you the play button. Watch the video will start here then I watch all five videos in 34 seconds then after five videos as much as I have balance.My job is to do a proper research and tell you the authentic thing so that you guys don’t waste your time. Okay, I will watch it carefully. After that, I also have to tell you how to draw. You guys here. Look at it like 34 seconds are complete, I think this is the last video we see here, we click on the complete button.


How much total money will you pay me for watching these 5 videos? See here my old balance is 7.48 dollars for watching 5 videos and it will show me about 20 ad. How to withdraw vadra To get vadra you have to click here on my account like 21 add then click again here see this referral button first see referral it is important to tell the referral

So that you know what are the sources of earning from this website, see here this link of SimpleUp. When you share this link with your friend, you will get a signup, that is, if they joins he creates his account then you will get one dollar and he will get five dollars ok g for example up 100 your friends here.



clicked on see here Vadra button is to be clicked like I clicked on withdraw button see here it appeared in front of me that money can be withdrawn from Up westing Union as well as from PayPal also can be withdrawn from Web Money. You can also withdraw and you can also withdraw by drinking. It is acceptable in Pakistan. You can withdraw money from both Western Union and Pioneer.

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