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So friends, I am going to share with you guys the secret method show, by which you can also earn 15 20 lakh rupees from snack video, but what is it, you have to understand from the complete detail, it is a little tricky thing if If you understand this, I’m going to show you people can earn and I’m going to give you all the secrets on how you can earn more, but there are a few other things that include some snack updates.

I will also tell you to look at them carefully because many things have been added in the updates, apart from this you know Jeez Cash Easy Money Bank Account Vadra from all three, he is giving it ok and I will also show you Vadra proof. And I will make it clear in front of you if it is possible, there is another thing besides this that it is going on according to the time period.

It will last for eight months, it will last for two years. Up Live Time can be earned by sitting at home from the snack video. Ok, let’s go. Let’s use it on the mobile phone screen. We will explain the whole method on the mobile phone screen. So friend download snack video app & earn money.

Snack videp Earn Money Method

So after putting it on the screen of the mobile phone, first of all we open the snack video application, after opening it, first of all click on the money icon here and here I will show it to you and also tell you the amount. How much I earned here you can see 26 lakhs ok this is my estim what I earned is 9 lakhs 25 thousand 29 rupees ok friends invited 12762 now main money is done invitation is ok The way we give the link, people put the invitation code from below, then they use this invitation code and then they continue to use the snack, so we keep getting it.

I don’t think anyone will tell me. Well, how can you guys do this? I’ll tell you some other ways. Apart from that, what should new users do? First of all, brothers here. Input your invitation code here, you will see an invitation code on the screen, click on the go button and enter the invitation code here. You will get money in the same way.

Earn Money Tricks In Pakistan step 1

Now, what is the secret trick? The secret trick, friends, is that for example, after we go to the home page, we click on the search button. Here you will find tech-related videos, so you can watch them here. For example, this is a video of Malik Salman. I will play it and show you. I will watch it carefully. I will tell you the method,

if you don’t get millions of guys with this method, then you have to write in the comment section that this video is fake. What did the guy tell the method? This guy has put his invitation code, brother, put this invitation code up and after that you will earn, then all the people who are watching it will put this invitation code and you will see this.

Earn Money Trick Step 2

People click on his invitation code, then enter his invitation code, then below, if I show you more, there are many people doing the same thing here. Also, what has happened here is ok, after that there are more below, ok, these are the Twitter users tutorial of the sneak video app. If you have it, then from here the screen recording is done. If you don’t have a screen recorder in your mobile, what will you do? You will install a screen recorder after installing the screen recorder.

Friends, what are you going to do, you are going to do screen recording, first of all, you have to go to the snack, after you get to the snack, the first thing you have to do is to click on this button and tell people. Bro, people will get money in the way I am telling you, you have to tell them that as many friends as you invite, you will get 500 rupees for inviting one friend here.

Trick Step 3

He will get 500 rupees for inviting a friend. Here it is written above. It is OK. Below you have to give your invitation code in the description. I will also show you where to give it. The code has to be written and the people have to say,

“Brother, this code has to be put in. If those people put that code, what will happen if you have 12 thousand 762 people invited on this account and 26 lakh 77 has been made in the determined revenue?” In the same way, if your two 400s are invited, then your money becomes millions. It’s okay. After that, how do you put the screen recording? For example, click on the plus button to open the album.

After opening the album OK, what are you doing? Have you recorded any skill recording that comes from here? You have shared it here. For example, any video is here. I have less videos. OK, but the screen recording you have done is for example. You have to click on the next button. Friends, this is what is written above. Adding suitable hashtag, name and text.

You can get more like. I will also tell you from where the invitation code will come, and I have to put the invitation code below, and I have already told you what to tell people.

download snack video app & earn money

I will tell you where it will come from. You will click on this invitation code. After that, you will click on Invite New Friends and Earn. Here, where does the invitation code come from? This is the copy link. The button is here WhatsApp Facebook Facebook story with Instagram there is a copy link button If you click on the copy link button your invitation code will be copied then you can paste this link anywhere below your Give them.

How To Earn Money From Snack Video App In Pakistan

Trick Method 4

Give the code, OK, people will click on it, apply the code and you can earn money in this way. Breast is a platform because on YouTube you cannot get so many subscribers at once, but on Snack, your video can go viral. A single video like this has become viral, so your money will increase a lot, I am writing to tell you this. A video will definitely go viral. Put the hashtags below.

Put the good four UK hashtags. Put the snack video hashtags. In addition, put the hashtags that are trending. It may also expire in some time ok this is event also here is cash option scoin is diamonds what you have to do for that if you keep using snack then live streaming there You can also earn here.



In this article you are given an application related to online earning which you can earn online by downloading and uploading your videos etc. It is a very wonderful application which is very popular nowadays.

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