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top 5 secret whatsapp tricks

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WhatsApp is one of the most used application in the world, the most used platform, so we ourselves have been using WhatsApp for many years, but in this video, we are going to share with you some amazing tricks, tips, hacks, WhatsApp. Related, which is going to bring you a lot of work, now you may bring all the work, but some will bring the necessary work, so you have to see all the tricks, one of them has turned out to be very useful for you. Ok let’s go to WhatsApp first which is the new update of WhatsApp. so friends we tell you about top secret whatsapp tricks & hacks so plz download whatsapp apk.

top secret whatsapp tricks and hacks

Top 5 Secret Whatsapp Tricks & Hacks

1- Whatsapp use in multiple Devices

The update is that you can now use WhatsApp on multiple phones.So for that you have to go to WhatsApp, the first trick is how to use WhatsApp on multiple phones, so for that you have to click on these three dots after clicking on it. Now you have to go to link to devices, after going to link devices, here you have the option to link device, now you will see here that you will click on the link to the device.

What was being asked is that when we open WhatsApp on the browser, we were asked to scan it, but now this thing can be done to connect to other phones when you use WhatsApp in a new phone. will be installed, then you will be asked to add your number, then you have to add your number, after adding the number, when you will reach the window with ‘Agree and Continue’, now you will see three dots there. You have to click on it and there will be an option to log in existing number is ok, then what you have to do is to open your phone.

When you open this phone, this scanner There is the device option of the link. Here the scanner will open and the QR code will be entered on the second phone where you want to attach WhatsApp when you connect from your primary phone. The first phone is done, so when you scan your phone, WhatsApp will open in both phones, now your remote control will remain in this phone. You can disconnect this phone from this phone anytime. It’s not Totally Up’s intention that once you’ve logged in, you can’t log out afterwards.

whatsapp secret tricks & hacks

2- Particular Contact Media Delete

How can you delete the media of a particular contact? For example, if you have a very irritating friend and he sends you daily good morning and good night messages, then you are one of them. If you want to delete an images etc. or delete its stickers, then you can select one by one to delete all the media files, so what you have to do first. You have to click on these three dots and go to Settings. After going to Settings, you will go to Storage and Data.

After going to Storage and Data, you will go to Main Storage and here you will see all your chats. If you have shared media or any sticker or any music or all, then you have to click on the chat of which you want to delete all the media or if you want to see all the media, we will do it. We have done the selection and from here we will delete, so whatever data was saved in our WhatsApp related to this chat in our storage will be deleted along with it.

Top Secret Whatsapp Tricks

3- Disappearing Messages

This setting is also going to bring you a lot of work. Along with this, if you want to send a message to someone that you want that person to read and after some time that message is deleted, then for that, the Up Desperating Message. What you have to do to try the feature is like first of all you have to select the contact and then after doing this you will click on it you are here. After that,

I have to click on the Dispersing Messages which are OK, so I do OK once and now it is asking you after how many days this message should be automatically deleted. You don’t have to delete it, that person will see it, he won’t even know that it’s a spam message, and if I talk for 24 hours, that’s fine, then 24 and then back up, and after back up, I’ll send you whatever messages you want. Those messages will be deleted in 24 hours because you have set the desperation timing here and delete.

Whatsapp Secret Hacks Tricks

4-Media Visibility

The next trick is for those people who want the images and videos they upload on WhatsApp not to be saved in their media because many times we receive so many pictures and videos on WhatsApp and their Due to the fact that our camera roll or our library, our media is completely full, so if you want to save whatever you like on WhatsApp, when you click one by one, save it in the camera roll. If you want to save every video and every image in your camera roll, then there is an option for that,

so you have to go to your After going to settings in settings you have to click on chats ok after clicking on chats you will see here there is an option for media visibility so turn it off then turn it off You will see that whatever images you are downloading on WhatsApp will not be saved in your gallery. If you want to save it, then right click on the image. and view it in gallery or click on save then it will be saved in your camera roll otherwise it will not be uploaded, it will only show you on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Tricks, Tricks, Hacks

5- Voice Note

After that our next step is to send voice notes many times many people like to send voice notes more than WhatsApp messages so what if we click on it. On the microcon then they speak whatever is our message and then we send it so in this case we press and hold it and our hands get tired but still we keep speaking and want our message. If the whole message goes, then you don’t have to take so much tension, what you have to do is that you have taped it here, look at it on your microphone.

When you slide up, you’ll see right here that I’m not touching the phone and it’s automatically recording my voice now whenever I want to send it or stop it or pause it. By the way I can do it ok and I can also listen to it and after listening I can send it because normally those who send voice messages on WhatsApp then we don’t know how our brother’s voice is sounding but here But we can hear this thing.

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