Top 5 Secret Apps For Android & Iphone Users-Free Download

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Top 5 Secret Apps For Android & Iphone

So this article is specially for android users because in it you will find some useful amazing android apps which many of you don’t know which are totally free of cost amazing and very useful remember. This article of mine is not a promotion of any kind, I have used dozens of apps that are absolutely free of cost. In this article we tell you top 5 secret apps for android & iphone users so download free now.

Top 5 Android & Iphone Apps

1-Microsoft Swiftkey AI Keyboard

Android Valve is running AI AI everywhere, so take full advantage of its enable picture by including AI inside your keyboard How to install Microsoft Soft’s AI keyboard to enable it Then you type anything anywhere, then you don’t need to type the whole thing there. Just enter the right office leave application to the boss, then it will give you a complete application inside the keyboard. You can copy and paste it and use it wherever you want.

After that, you get your clip and all the things that have been copied in your clipboard are in front of you, which you can use. You can, after that there is another big feature, just write the translation, it will be translated and given to you, you don’t need to go into any other app. Settings are available, themes, etc. are available, whoever wants to get a theme, Microsoft Soft’s AI Keyboard is a wonderful app without any add-ons, and you can use it anywhere within your phone. You can take full advantage of it.

top 5 secret apps


Secret Android & Iphone Apps

2-Tooly- Tiny Tools collection.

Totally free of charge for Android users is a small but awesome tooly tiny tools collection where you get a lot of useful tax related tools like decorating tax type anything. Do it and you get built-in designs. Check it out. There are many more tax-related tools here. Check it out. After that, you get image tools. You get unit converters. Colors tools. Generator tools. Amazing and useful tools are available from Google Play Store.It is completely free of cost.


Daily Useful Android & Iphone Apps


For those who are fond of having various widgets on their phone screen, Android Valve App is a great widget. Install it and open it. Check it out for widgets like players and for clocks, there is a huge collection of different shapes, different colors, different foreground colors, 60 transparency of phones, whatever you want to choose, you can easily do it.

and even after adding you can easily change its size, apart from this you get widgets of calendars, they also have numerous collections, see this here, similarly you get widgets of device info. You can easily use whatever you want and the most important thing is that you can customize it in every way, so it is a perfect app to decorate your phone screen. The widget is completely free of cost and available on Google Play.


You use apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Anywhere you like something, you save it within that app and later forget that you liked it. You had saved it but you don’t remember which app it was in, so for the solution of this problem for Android people, there is an amazing app on Google Play like I have created Facebook Instagram Tik Tok App

Here you can create as many categories as you want. You can click on plus cake and then if you like anything anywhere, then you can share it and bookmark it inside this app. You can save it. Go to share. After that, you will see the cap link. After that, you have to choose your category. From here, you will get the category. You have to take it and save it and that’s it.

Now when you go to your link and see it, you will find it saved here. After that, you can change its name and tag it here. It is said that you can change the things that you have liked on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, so you can find all the things in one place. You don’t have to search for the cap link, it is completely free of cost and is available on the Google Play Store.


5-plain app

Great for android users you want to share your android data from your phone to your laptop pc macbook any device whether your picture video audio documents any kind of file or contacts big amazing app It is available on google play store, install it as plain app and open it, it gets all your pc name and here you have to copy the sets or type them on your laptop. After that,

in any browser of Macbook, your entire phone will be shown on the screen. Now, from here, you can easily view your videos, files, pictures, documents, or contacts, or transfer it to your laptop. Save is a really plain app, a clean app, absolutely free of cost, available on Google Play


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