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download top 5 AI android apps

What is AI?

I’m here and we’re going to talk about artificial intelligence. There’s a university in China that has cameras installed that tell if a student is sitting in the back paying attention in class or not. Then sit back and play games on your phone, not just Google’s Google Search, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and all these technologies are based on artificial intelligence, AI. AI started in the 1940s and 1950s and its basic It means giving computers an artificial brain.

Now, like a small child, we teach things slowly. Sometimes we teach him something by playing with him. In the same way, we teach computers new things by giving them data. Now there is a little difference between AI and normal technology. Talking about normal technology, in normal technology we have software like Microsoft Word Power Point which Now we can write as many documents as we want on Microsoft Word, write as many reports as we want, make as many assignments as we want,

Microsoft Word will remain the same, there will be no new features, no new powers, and there if a Talking about AI, the traffic cameras on the roads get better the more data they collect from the vehicles. It is said that in today’s dating, everyone is using technology, everyone is using Instagram, WhatsApp is running Facebook, YouTube is running, so AI should have enough data that it can even compare with humans.

If it becomes more intelligent, here we will stop and talk a little about the two types of AI. The first type of AI is General AI and the second type is Nero General AI, that is, the artificial intelligence that performs many tasks. For example, if we take the example of human intelligence, humans can cook food, eat it, sing, dance, code, study, clean, etc. Can do all the work and if we talk about Nero AI then it can do the same particular thing like if we talk about Tesla cars then on US trains if it is a train then US data feed inside them. has happened. So friends download top 5 AI android apps .

Top 5 AI Android Apps

Download top 5 AI Android Apps

download top 5 ai android apps

1- Paragraphic AI App

You think, wow, you can do this. You can do this. For example, there’s an AI tool called Paragraphic. Guys, you can literally go to the past. What does it do now? Yes, it combines both and takes you to the pass. Yes, it has to give you your location etc. How it would have looked like 20 years ago, it is generated by AI and shown. For example, I have given the location of this place, a speed photo of this place, it has shown the current one, and how it will have looked like 20 years ago, it has shown the help of AI. Think you can literally go back in to this pass and if you have an image, you can manipulate it. It is very simple.

2- QR Code AI Art Generator

Asked how to do it, so we have included this tool, QR code generator. Yes, now everyone knows your code. We scan and go to the website or there will be a QR code for an app. So the app opens but this QR code is taken in the basic form QR code generator what you have to do is basically whatever the URL is the link of the app etc. Please tell me here that even if we have a channel with smartphone unboxing videos, we need that QR code in the background, so it generates everything from AI.

Has and creates of beautiful artistic ur code for you to scam and patty wherever effort share on whatsapp you can do it so very very simple and easy now these tools are not many thousands like i said oh iPhones come but don’t do a lot of things just say it can but don’t so we test and let you know what tools we think will be news to you.

3- MusicGen By Facebook Ai App

Who will use such tools we tell you now friends are talking about aj so let’s talk a little about music yes aj tomorrow making music up you don’t me a music composer or a singer can make up Ho And It Like Out Rally Good Facebook Music Jail Hum Music Jil Hai Friends Can You Tell Him Up Biskali Ho Prom Ki Mhay This Sad Music Should Be Slow Should Be Fast Should All Parameters Be Put In Your Prawn And Remember It Is Very Important To Give Brown In every AI tool,

what you input in natural language will be most important and the more detail you can give, the more activated the output will be, so you tell exactly what kind of music you want and it generates it. Go with these seconds but let me tell you right now it only generates a 12 second clip and you can make a full song.

4- Adobe Podcast AI App

Definitely go and dry it. For creators, how many phones are there? I’m talking about Adobe, so let me know. And there’s an AI tool called Cast, where you know. Audio is very important in podcasts, so if back You can remove ground noise, which is audio, and you can literally enhance it. At once, you can convert studio-quality audio up to normal audio. All things fly podcasts, I would like to say something interesting in it. When you podcast, if you have a sentence, then remove the word, it will also be removed from the audio and this is the next tool. Dot AI Main Web Designers Job Gone Finish Write Now Primer Dot AI.

5- Luma AI

We have to create, guys, this is the next tool that we are going to use, that is, the drone shorts, etc. How do you think we can make these impossible shorts? AI is also helping here. Do it and you will literally see from which angle they have taken it. The example is now showing on the top of the screen, friends. This is also made by us using Loma AI Dt AS and nothing like a normal smartphone camera or a normal DS. L etc. So we shot this video with as much converted wig footage as possible. This is the next tool that everyone should use and everyone needs.

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