Download Hidden Call Recorder App For Android & Iphone

download hidden call recorder app

About This App

Record phone calls & voice memo with automatic Call Recorder – Cube ACR.

The most technically advanced call recorder. Records phone calls and VoIP. Supports call recording for most versions of android devices. If you have already tried to record calls using other applications for recording calls and did not get a satisfactory result, try Call Recorder – Cube ACR, it just works the best.

Call recorder – Cube ACR lets you easily record your incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP conversations. This call recorder app also has a lot of amazing features that you can take advantage of this app, through this app you can record all kinds of calls that too with the best quality because whenever you call someone. If you install unnecessary app like call recorder then it can’t give sound quality. The special thing about this app is that the sound quality has been updated in a great way.

download hidden call recorder app

It will not only record your normal calls but it will also record your WhatsApp calls and Messenger calls and the most special thing is that Aaj’s call recorder will record your calls. Yes sir as you know there has been some problem since last five or six months that Google has released an update due to which all the call recorders which are

They do the recording but they are not able to attach the names to the recorded calls and that’s why we have found a call recorder app which is the solution to all your problems and your WhatsApp will also record all kinds of calls, normal phone calls and the most important thing is that the sound quality will be very clear.

Secret Hidden Call Recorder App

Features This App

Automatically record every call. Record each conversation the moment it starts;

  • Automatically record selected contacts. Create a list of people you want to always record;
  • Exclusion list. Create a list of contact who won’t be recorded automatically;
  • Manual recording. Tap the record button mid-call to record only the selected conversations or parts of them;
  • In-App playback. Cube ACR has a built-in file explorer for managing your recordings, playing them, deleting on the fly or exporting to other services or devices;
  • Smart speaker switching. Bring the phone to your ear on playback to switch from loudspeaker to earspeaker to privately listen to your.There are many amazing features inside this app, you can connect it with Facebook, Emo, Messenger, any social app and share it with your friends. And the sharing quality is the best.

How To Use ?

I will teach you the complete way to use it because if you don’t learn how to use it completely then it won’t work for you so let’s start and go to how to record calls. I help you, so friends, after installation, now open it, I have installed it, and when you open it, you will see an interface like this. and after agreeing, now you have to grant all the permissions to it, i.e. allow it to be given the permission of storage,

microphone, phone and contacts, and when you give it all If you give permissions, then the bonfire button will come here, then you have to make bonfire, then you have to bonfire, then you have to bonfire, and then you have to bonfire, and after that, friends, it is now telling you that the permission of the overlay is yes. Yes, give them too, now when you want to click on the enable overlay, you have to give permission, after that, friends, when you have back Anna and friends,

after that, the most important thing is to enable it from here so that ACR call recorded one can save any recording with its name and that’s the main problem due to which all the call guarder we have stopped working guys for that you enable You have to go to the app connector. After going to the enable app connector, you will check simply up here, then all these options will be visible. Friends, after that, simply click on the Cube ACR app connector and turn it on. As soon as you turn it on,

your application should start working. So let me open cubeacr call recorder and check its performance and layout, its interface is very nice, you can check all the calls I have recorded. Check it out, it’s WhatsApp calls, it also has messenger calls, and it also has normal calls, so it records all kinds of calls,

and it’s very cool. That’s its interface and the best thing about it is that you can share the update call, for example, click on the three-dot option button and share it anywhere, on WhatsApp, on Messenger. The call that has been recorded will be shared and if you want to play it, you can easily play the call.

How To Download Hidden Call Recorder For Android & Iphone

So in this article we told you about best call recorder what are its benefits and how you can use it so yes friends then we share with you how to download this app. Going to download it is very easy you will see a download button at the end of this article you have to click on it then from here you can download it easily.



In this article you are given a secret application through which you can also record anyone’s call and that person will not even know this is a very amazing application that you can download in this article class are.

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